Thursday, 1 August 2013

FSMK-Summer Camp!

Its back to back posts today,cos I am in the so called "blogging mood"!!
I am on a 3 month summer vacation now...and I was just looking out for ways to spend my holidays and  that was the sole reason for me to register for the FSMK camp.I never knew the camp would impact me so much.Looking back now,I am so happy that I took that decision.

FSMK-free software movement Karnataka  camp was held in the month of July from 20th-28th in JVIT Bidadi.It was a 9 day camp! and the only camp I had attended before was a 15 day NCC camp but I had  over 30 friends there.I had no friends accompanying me this time and I was not even an active member of Dr AIT GLUG.So I had no idea what I was up for!So with lot of apprehensions I began my journey to the 9 day camp with many questions and doubts replaying in the back of my mind"What if you are the dumbest one in the lot?","What if you don't gel with others?""what if....?"

Upon reaching there.I immediately knew I had taken the right choice.The picturesque beauty of the college and the food!!Yes the food delicious..I remember calling up my mom everyday to tell her that I will stay back in the camp cos the food was so awesome!.

The food for brain was much better...We had a well thought out schedule with emphasis on every lesson and even fun activities  planned out in it.
We all migrated to Ubuntu..I was so happy that day because I thought It was impossible to switch to Ubuntu from my windows 8 laptop!

We had sessions on Drupal,Qt,Android,Java plus  screening of documentary Nero's guest,couple of animated movies made with the help of blender.We had discussions too .I got a clear insight of Snowden's story,before the camp I was following the story in the papers but then I had thought he is just another guy like Assange but I got to learn more and now am making an effort to let even my friends know!

The volunteers were amazing,so fun,taking the trouble of making everything perfect for us and some of the volunteers were so inspiring.The late night session of how women can contribute to open source project and their story behind Google Summer of code motivated me a lot.Infact even after the camp,I am in touch with them and they taught me about IRC .

The friends part..I have to say I am really lucky that I didnt come in a group  because I got to talk with all of them and actually make more friends.I never felt alone.Even now my phone is buzzing with whatsapp messages from various fsmk friends group.

At the end of the camp .I have completed two projects a calculator in Qt and a calculator android app.!!
To all my  friends who are reading this blog and regretting missing the camp,all I got to say is "finders keepers and losers weepers":P
You can still be a part of fsmk by participating in your college GLUG activities ,attending weekly sessions in the fsmk office and by keeping your fingers crossed that there is going to be another camp very soon!!

"Free software is a software that respects your freedom and the social solidarity of your community.So it is free as in freedom"-Richard Stallman


  1. Great post! It was a great opportunity to learn as well as have fun. Totally, one of its kind! The dedication of the camp volunteers and core members of FSMK is really amazing. Inspires each one of us, thoroughly :)

    PS: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next workshop though I attended it the last week. :D